Your Guide to Choosing Funeral Flowers

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Your Guide to Choosing Funeral Flowers

On such an occasion as solemn and as sombre as a funeral service, when trying to convey your inner most condolences and sentiments for a special friend or a loved one who has lost a family member or colleague, what you say is just as important as how you say it. At such an occasion, relying on the time-honored tradition of presenting flowers to the bereaved is a tradition that guarantees that you are getting your feelings across in the right way and that your sympathies and condolences are well received.

Be that as it may, there are different types of flowers and each flower conveys a different meaning and sentiment. It is because of this that it is vitally important to choose your flowers with care.

For this we at Melbourne Flowers Online have put together a simple guide to help you along the way;

Which Flowers Should I Take to a Funeral?


Lilies Symbolise Innocence and Peace

White lilies are the most commonly chosen flowers for sympathy gifts and for use at funerals for their stunning appearance and favourable fragrance. White lilies also symbolise the return of the soul to a peaceful state of innocence. However, this is only true for white lilies, as it’s been said that lilies and their colours have different meanings.

Whether you want to send flowers on the day of the funeral or to a special loved one or to a close friend, white lilies are the best and safest choice.


Roses Represent Devotion, Appreciation, and Love

White roses are the best decision for expressing your sympathies and condolences or for a loved one or a memorial services as they stand for purity, spirituality and innocence. However, as with lilies, roses too have varying colours and meanings related thereto.

Depending on your relation to the loved one or the deceased, you could choose pink roses which convey appreciation and love.


Carnations Stand for Recognition and Reminiscence

The carnation, with its excellent wispy petals and waiting aroma, is a standout amongst the most prominent of blooms chosen for a memorial services. Much the same as the rose, the shades of the carnation you pick have an unmistakable significance.

Pink carnations are a sign of recognition while white carnations are a token of honesty and commitment. In the event that you would like to show your appreciation and admiration for the one who has departed in plain view, red carnations are the way to go.


Australian Native Flowers Evoke Pride in the Homeland

Australian local blooms are particularly appropriate for somebody who was close to their home-land. Honour the Aussie spirit with a bundle that highlights local blossoms protea, banksias, and leucodendron.

These homely shades and strong nature of native Australian blooms make them a reasonable choice for the funeral service of somebody who served in the military or has for a loved one who struggled with a terminal illness.


Orchids Appeal to Everlasting Sympathy

White and pink orchids speak to endless love, and are for the most part viewed as being a suitable choice for funerals. These are ideal because they praise the revered memories and life of the lost loved one that has gone by.

These gracefull blooms have become a very popular choice of bloom for memorial service tributes as of late, in light of the fact that they live long and add that perfect touch to the funeral sprays and bouquets

Purple orchids are customarily not related with grieving, so it is best to pick lighter hues. Most Florists however, would suggest dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids as the best decision for conveying your sympathy.

If all else fails, you could always save your money for the wake……

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